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A tribal approach to sizing up prospects

A tribal approach to sizing up prospects

On a business trip to Brazil in 2008, Nancy Bleeke, President of Sales Pro Insider, a training and consulting firm, learned about tribes from her travel guide. The guide explained that the Copacabana beach scene in Rio de Janeiro is full of different tribes or groups of people — teenagers, families and singles — with similar customs who congregate in specific areas each weekend. Their shared customs include communication styles and preferences and so much more.

It inspired her to develop a Tribal Types assessment system that is designed to help salespeople identify a buyer’s “type” and then adapt how they work and sell with that particular person in the moment.

Bleeke identified four distinct types of prospects. “Yes, people are much more complex than four categories can explain, but with these four types as a guide, you are well equipped to make the necessary adjustments to work effectively with most people,” she writes in her new book, “Conver­sa­tions That Sell” (AMACOM).

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