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Marketing Metrics: Do’s and Don’ts

We know that collecting data is important. So, which metrics do you use? Are you using them the right way? How do you communicate their value to different levels of management? Whether you’re starting, rebuilding, or auditing your marketing measuring program, there are some universal Do’s and Don’ts to consider. 

Key Article Quotations:

  • 80% of CEOs believe that marketers are too disconnected from the financial realities of their companies.
  • 75% of CEOs think that marketers do not understand (or deliberately misuse) the “real, business” definition of terms like, “results,” “ROI,” and “performance.”

“While just about any metric you choose to track will add value and provide insights, financial metrics speak the language of the people in the corner offices. If you want friends in those offices, learn their language.”

“Instead of only reporting what has happened, progressive marketing measurement programs should also answer the question: what will happen? Or even better: what must the business do to make that desired business outcome happen?”

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Marketing Metrics













Marketing Metrics

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