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Terrible Prospecting Emails

Salespeople, Please Stop Sending Terrible Prospecting Emails…

With the amount of emails most of us receive, you’re probably “sick and tired of receiving unsolicited, uncustomized, long-winded, self-promotional emails from sales people” (Caputa). In short, people are becoming increasingly attune to “salesy” emails, which means we need to do a better job of creating the types of emails people will read and not be annoyed with. What are some mistakes to avoid when drafting prospecting emails? Source: 

Key Article Points:

  • Don’t Trick Your Prospects into Opening Your Email
  • Don’t Insert Your Call to Action Before You’ve Established Value
  • Suggest Only One Benefit in Your First Email (If Any)
  • Realize That Your Prospects Don’t Care What You’d Love to Do
  • Don’t Ask For a Phone Call in Your First Email
  • Resist Tooting Your Own Horn
  • Reach Out to the Right Contact

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Terrible Prospecting Emails

Terrible Prospecting Emails

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